Ferry Shiny World Wipes

The Ferry Shiny World Wipes for a shiny and quick cleaning with only lukewarm water. Economical and ecological. The Shiny Wipes can be washed until 600 times

What are the Ferry Shiny World Wipes?

Ferry Shiny World wipes are specially designed for an immaculate cleaning of smooth surfaces (windows, mirrors, glasses, kitchen, TV, car doors, glass, caravan, boats).
Our Ferry Shiny World Wipes are manufactured from high quality decomposition of polymers.
Unlike many counterfeit wipes in the market, their unparalleled quality is achieved with a high concentration of these high performance polymers.
The Shiny World wipes are easy to use while they clean quickly and efficiently, without leaving spots, only using lukewarm water and without adding any detergent.
If the surface you want to clean is very dirty, we suggest you clean the surface with a worn cloth first and then use our wipes in order to achieve better results.
Our Shiny Wipes also protect your floors. Put an end to dripping cloths, water and detergents on your sensitive and expensive wooden floors.
It is both an economical and an ecological product.
Say goodbye to sponges, kitchen paper, newspapers and detergents that are harmful to humans and to the environment. Use only lukewarm water and the Shiny World Wipes.
The Shiny World Wipes can be washed 500 to 600 times in the washing machine.


Follow the instructions carefully to obtain an optimum performance and a longer duration.

  • Before thefirst use, put the Wipe in hotwater (90C) for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse with clean, lukewarm water.
  • Use ONLY lukewarm water, DO NOT add detergent.
  • The best results are achieved with the Shiny World Wipe well wrung.
  • If the surface remains wet, wring the cloth and clean the surface again.

By purchasing 10 Shiny World Wipes you get 1 Wipe for free. (It is not necessary to buy all 10wipes at the same time. Your purchases are monitored by us. We keep a record of your purchases.)

How do we wash/clean the Shiny World Wipes?

Wash only in the washing machine with white or coloured clothes (40C to 95C) using common detergent without fabric softener *
DO NOT USE fabric softener or bleach as it affects the operation of the polymers.

We wish you a lot of joy with this product.
Great as a gift.